We go beyond everyday corrugated. In addition to corrugated, we work with polystyrene, polypropylene and polyurethane. For example, foams for internal packaging and plastic thermoformed trays.

Solid fiber components

This laminated kraft linerboard material offers greater strength and moisture resistance than standard corrugated. Further, it’s more economical than Styrofoam, plastic, wood and other alternative packaging components.

You may have seen solid fiber used for such applications as a box of nails or ammunition, which require rigidity and puncture resistance. This single-sided clay coated board enables great print capabilities, too.

On top of its versatility, solid fiber is good for the planet. The raw materials are sourced from 100% renewable forest fiber and the end product is also recyclable.

  • Multiple board combinations
  • Any caliper from .030” – .100” in total thickness
  • Water, grease, abrasion and oil resistant
  • Superior, high quality printability
  • Color tinting available
  • Customized converting
  • Custom die-cutting
  • Coatings are 100% recyclable