With so many stock box sizes and types on the market, you may wonder, “Why go through the expense of designing a custom carton?”

The answer is, “Because you may discover it’s much better for your business and your bottom line.”

A slightly smaller box can eliminate the need for filler, significantly reduce your shipping costs or allow retailers to stock an additional row of your product on their shelves.

Corrugated partitions (or dividers) protect products from colliding together or shifting loosely during transit – without the need for wasteful packing materials. A side benefit to some inserts is that they can reinforce the packing carton.

Customization may also give your packaging a more professional appearance – a competitive edge you can appreciate throughout the sales cycle.

Our custom design department specializes in producing innovative solutions and prototypes quickly. We’re serious about getting projects from concept to production fast because you can’t afford to aim for second place in your market.

Take advantage of our experience producing custom boxes and partitions to see if this approach is right for you.